Substack Vlog, Ep. 9: Mom, Grandma, and Dustin Come Adventuring With Me

My New Mexico lot was not the way I left it.

It’s been much longer than planned since I posted my last video. The first hiccup was getting sick and losing my voice, so I couldn’t narrate the videos. Then, my WiFi became unstable, and a few days later, Google Fi canceled my phone service. During all this, I also had a big move for my storage unit from New Mexico to California, which meant driving for about 30 hours in 2 days. When I returned to Mexico, I had to pack up and move the RV for the third time since I arrived.

Needless to say, I’m exhausted, but I’ve been chipping away at the videos even without a voice and internet, so this one is ready! This week, you get to see the first half of my trip with my parents. Dustin, who had recently started his full-time journey, also tagged along.

If you’re curious about the Colorado incident mentioned in the video, you can find that link here.

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