Ask Me Anything About Full-Time TravelGot questions about full-time travel? Ask me anything and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Other travelers are also free to chime in on…
Substack Vlog, Ep. 12: I Reunited With RV Friends After Almost 2 YearsWatch now (7 min) | We took the JEEP and the FJ Cruiser out to Coronado National Forest.
They're from all over the world.
Is it the best city for your next trip?
It's like the secret love child of Mexico and California.
You CAN have it both ways! Sometimes.
It comes with the territory.
Substack Vlog, Ep. 11: Tent Camping in the GFC Superlite With My Cat During the 2022 Spring HeatwaveWatch now (9 min) | Here's how we stayed cool.
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